General terms and conditions

This website complies with the provisions of the Belgian Act of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection (Belgian Official Gazette 12.04.2010).

1. The online shop is the property of Thiron Accessories bvba, Sint-Antoniusstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp. These general terms and conditions are applicable to all deliveries and services provided by Thiron Accessories bvba, subject to written exceptions and without impairing possible special terms and conditions agreed by separate agreement. They have preference over the customer's conditions of purchase. By placing an order the customer accepts these general terms and conditions of sale.

2. A sale is only concluded following the seller's written confirmation. A start of execution applies as confirmation unless it is subject to approval.

3. Every cancellation of an order needs to be made in writing. It is only valid subject to the written acceptance of the seller. In case of cancellation the customer shall owe a fixed amount of 30% of the price of the order.

4. The terms of delivery are solely provided by way of information and are therefore not binding unless this was explicitly agreed. Delays in the execution of the order can never give rise to damages or termination of the agreement.

5. Prices include Belgian VAT unless otherwise specified. The online shop delivers to the following countries, with the respective costs of transport per order. The goods are delivered to the delivery address.
Possible insurance costs are always payable by the customer, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

All prices specified on the website are valid while stocks last and if payment is made on delivery at the latest. The online shop cannot be held liable for the non-delivery of the goods as a result of depleted stocks. We undertake to notify the customer in due time.

In case of promotions the different discounts cannot be accumulated unless explicitly specified.

Consumers can pay orders by credit card via the Internet. In case of distance selling the consumer is able to cancel the purchase within 14 days of delivery, without additional costs and without specific reason. In that case all advance payments will be reimbursed within 5 days without interest. If the delivery was already made, the customer shall return the goods by registered post at his own expense to Thiron, Sint-Antoniusstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp.
Dealers need to be pay the invoice within 15 days after the invoice date. In case of later payment all quantity discounts fall due and the full base price shall be owed.
6. The buyer needs to take delivery and check the goods immediately. All goods can be returned -undamaged- within 14 days after delivery as it concerns distance selling within the meaning of the Belgian Act of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection (Belgian Official Gazette 12.04.2010).
All shoe fittings need to be done on a soft floor. The goods need to be returned in their original packaging, in the case of shoes in the original undamaged shoe box. Shoes can only be returned if the plastic foil on the sole of the shoes is undamaged and has not been removed.
Complaints are only accepted if they have been sent by registered letter within 14 days after delivery. A complaint does not postpone the payment obligation.

7. The sold goods remain the seller's property until full and final payment of the selling price increased with possible costs and interest. In case of non-payment the seller has the right to take back the goods without intervention of a court.

8. The risk is transferred to the buyer from the moment the goods leave our warehouses.

9. The buyer shall notify the seller if the goods are kept in an area it leases. He shall notify the identity and the address of the owner of the property to the seller.

10. In case of non-payment (or in case the full amount has not been paid) on the due date of an invoice it shall be increased by operation of law and without requiring a notice of default, as specified by the Belgian Act of 2 August 2002, with the legal interest rate plus 4% (and with a minimum of 10 %) a year. The invoice shall also be increased with fixed damages of 10% with a minimum of EUR 100 and this in addition to all the costs that need to be incurred to collect the invoice.

Every delay in payment entitles us to postpone or cancel every order, including orders for which the goods have not yet been delivered, and also entitles us to take back goods that have already been delivered or are being shipped. In case of owed payments, all invoices (fallen due or not) shall be immediately due and payable.

11. In case of disputes only the court of Antwerp, and in case the Justice of the peace has jurisdiction, the Justice of the peace court of the fifth district of Antwerp, has jurisdiction. This contract is governed by Belgian law.