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These terms and conditions apply to all Internet activities of Thiron Accessories bvba and its group (including subsidiaries, intermediaries, natural related entities, …), hereinafter referred to as "THIRON".
Every user is deemed to have taken note of the following terms and conditions, to understand them, to tacitly agree with them and to be bound by them; a user who does not accept the terms and conditions is deemed to not want access to this site.
This disclaimer applies to all possible users (direct, visitors of the web-shop, via links, all possible ways, linked facebook pages, other social web addresses etc.) who visit the THIRON site.
The terms and conditions can be amended and/or revised; with every new visit to the site the user accepts the terms and conditions applicable at that time.
The user gives his/her consent to process the provided personal details as specified below.
The possible invalidity of a provision, due to the fact it violates with imperative law, does not impair the enforceability of all other specified provisions.
THIRON strongly advises users to read these terms and conditions carefully before visiting the website.


THIRON's objective is to provide accurate and current information on its site; THIRON takes the greatest care to achieve this.
However, in no way whatsoever can THIRON guarantee the correctness and quality of the provided information, let alone accept any liability.
THIRON thanks users who report any inaccuracies (administrator: art. 5.1) and undertakes to modify the site if the nature of the inaccuracies warrants a change; THIRON has absolute control over this.
The content of the THIRON website is therefore only meant, on the one hand for providing information, free of obligation, about THIRON's activities and on the other hand as a web-shop.
THIRON gives no guarantees whatsoever relating to the nature and the content of the information on its website and is not liable for the content of this information or for the consequences of the use thereof.
The information on can be changed without warning at any moment.
No rights of any nature can therefore be derived from the content of this website.
Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the nature of the information is general, and is not adapted to circumstances specifically for a certain objective or individual.
THIRON excludes all liability for direct, indirect, incidental or special damage, irrespective of the nature (not exhaustive: financial or commercial loss, loss of a chance/opportunity, loss of data, lost profit/turnover, delays, loss of profitability, ...).
The user himself/herself bears responsibility for checking the correctness, completeness, reliability, current nature or utility of the (content of the) site.

As stipulated in 2.1 the greatest care has been paid to this site.
However, in no way whatsoever can THIRON be held liable for possible breakdowns, interruptions or errors in the provision of data or for the consequences thereof (not exhaustive: work interruption, damage of your programs or equipment, viruses, hoaxes, worms, bugs, insufficient capacity, etc.…).
The technical performance is for the operator of the website as specified on the site (www.???be).
Possible breakdowns, interruptions or errors can in no way whatsoever give rise to damages.
THIRON is not liable for possible viruses and other inconveniences (see. supra art. 2.1 bottom) on its site and/or server.

For the online sales the separate online terms and conditions of sale of the webshop apply.
THIRON can in no way whatsoever be held liable for any wrong information concerning the content of the website or if one or several goods are no longer available at the moment the user reads the advertisement.

THIRON does all it possibly can to ensure the sales information on the site is up to date.

However, neither THIRON nor any dealer shall be held liable for possible errors in the content/availability of the record/property.

The THIRON website may contain referrals/click through-links/external hyperlinks to other sites.
Naturally, THIRON cannot be held liable for the content of these sites, nor for the consequences of the use thereof.
The same applies to what the user were to upload to the site, apart from the fact that THIRON on the one hand in no way whatsoever can be responsible for data, even if, on the other hand, it is not obliged to treat this data confidentially and it can file/edit/publish/etc. it as it sees fit
In so far as this is necessary we refer to Art. 2.1-2.4 which applies in full for links.

The user undertakes (not exhaustive):
• not to make improper use of the website and certainly not to make wrongful use of it that could distort or damage the website and/or as a result of which access to this site is obstructed;
• not to use the site for sending viruses and/or defamatory, obscene, threatening or other material;
• to respect the rights of third parties when using the site;
• to use the information on this website in good faith.


The whole concept (non-exhaustive: logos, drawings, layout, photographs, images, plans, designs, buttons, icons, charts, sections, layout, form, plan, …) of the THIRON website, as well as the content and the applied means of communication/strategies are subjected to the copyright and/or other intellectual property rights and are the property of THIRON or affiliated third parties. THIRON shall claim damages from anyone who does not acknowledge these rights and without consent (not exhaustive) spreads/copies/saves/sells/reproduces/translates/… data of the site as aforementioned.


If THIRON were to collect data of the user it shall respect the provisions of the Act of 18/12/1992 with regard to the protection of privacy and the processing of personal information.
The responsible party for the processing of the data is THIRON (see. Art. 4.1 of these terms and conditions).
The user shall be able to consult and update his data at all times.

The data is used solely in the interest of the users and this:
• for the administrative management and/or
• to provide information to users about THIRON's operation/offers/promotions.


The THIRON website is managed by:
Thiron Accessoires bvba, Sint-Antoniusstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen
+32 (0)3 227 20 27

In case of unlawful use of the site, for instance by violation of the terms and conditions but also in case of other unlawful practices, THIRON reserves the right to deny access to the site to these users without prejudice to its right to recover any damage from the users.

This contract is governed by Belgian law.
The user accepts the jurisdiction of the Antwerp Courts (in case the Justice of the peace has jurisdiction THIRON opts for the 5th District) unless compulsory statutory provisions do not accept this jurisdiction without prejudice to THIRON's right to opt for another competent court.